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SJSL Specialty Transport works closely with local hospitals and treatment centers transporting patients home from discharge or to and from scheduled medical appointments within New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia regions. Our professionally skilled drivers safely transports all patients beyond expectations.

Wheelchair and ambulatory passengers

Hospital discharges

Doctor appointments

Medical Treatments including radiology, dialysis

Out-patient post-surgery

Physical Therapy

Addiction Treatment Centers/ Clinics

Rehabilitation facilities

Do you have any patients needing transportation?

"We are caregivers, providers and partners who provide safe and reliable transportation to the individual or group of individuals needing specialized transportation."


A peace of mind is truly what is given to all parents and caregivers who has a child or relative ride with us. Our company has been trusted from the start in transporting their children to and from multiple locations. Our in-depth driver background checks and video/audio security cameras ensures each child will reach their destination completely safe.

  • Youth Development Programs

  • After-school Programs

  • Job Training Programs

  • Behavioral/ Mental Health Programs

  • Teen Treatment Centers

(Supervised Care Attendants Available with Group Transport)

Let us help bridge the gap for any youth service need.

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